One Thing That COMPAQ/HP User always confused!

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I found that there are still many people didn't know the difference between series and product number. To make it easier to understand. Let me make it clear that HP on 2001 merged with Compaq but instead of merging and come up with only HP or etc, they keep it separate which you will find there are products start with HP compaq notebook, Compaq notebook, and HP etc.
There are 4 levels you need to know to know exactly what is the product number for the laptop:

Level 1 - Type: Notebook PC

Level 2 - General Product : (all product for notebook and tablet PCs)
  1. Compaq Armada Notebook PCs ›
  2. Compaq Concerto PCs ›
  3. Compaq Contura PCs ›
  4. Compaq Evo Notebook PCs ›
  5. Compaq LTE PCs ›
  6. Compaq Mini PCs ›
  7. Compaq Notebook PCs ›
  8. Compaq Portable PCs ›
  9. Compaq Presario Notebook PCs ›
  10. Compaq ProSignia Notebook PCs ›
  11. Compaq SLT PCs ›
  12. HP 500 Notebook PCs ›
  13. HP Compaq Notebook PCs ›
  14. HP EliteBook Notebook PCs ›
  15. HP ENVY Notebook PCs ›
  16. HP G Notebook PCs ›
  17. HP HDX Notebook PCs ›
  18. HP Home Notebook PCs ›
  19. HP Mini PCs ›
  20. HP Notebook PCs ›
  21. HP OmniBook Notebook PCs ›
  22. HP Pavilion Notebook PCs ›
  23. HP ProBook Notebook PCs ›
  24. HP Special Edition Notebook PCs ›
  25. HP TouchSmart Notebook PCs ›
  26. Rugged Notebook PCs ›
  27. Ultrabook ›
  28. Voodoo Notebook PCs › 
Level 3  - Specific product

Let say you pick Compaq Presario Notebook PCs from the list , you will see another list of compaq presario product such as :

Compaq Presario CQ40
Compaq Presario CQ45
Compaq Presario V3000 and much more (if i list down all of them here you will be tire scrolling down)

Level 4 - Product Number

Then now you know you own let say you have Compaq CQ40 (you can see it written on your notebook). BUT that is not the exact product number you need to know, it may help you to seek for technical support but you have to know that there are hundreds of CQ40s. So, you must be more specific.

Now, look at the back of the laptop, you will find a sticker. Your exact product number will look like this (exe: compaq CQ40)

Compaq Presario CQ40-XXXAA (X = number A = letter)
example: Compaq Presario CQ40-123TU, Compaq Presario CQ32-110XX

There are lots of people asking for technical help especially drivers, and leave with a general product number such as V2000. If i listed all the V2000 here you find it longer than you house's door. So take your time and i leave you with this link:

How to identify your product number.

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